I started working as an illustrator over 40 years ago and have illustrated so many books that I've lost count of them! I worked mostly in educational publishing in my early career and I still find many of my old books in school libraries around the country. These days I am better known as an author than as an illustrator and several of my stories have won or been shortlisted for awards. My books are usually illustrated by other artists and it's great to see how other people interpret my stories but every now and then it's nice when I get to draw my own pictures!

Picture Books

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9781845065188 9781788813334 9781801041614 9781788815987
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and many, many more!



Chapter Books


Up until very recently all the books I’d written had been picture books. But now, thanks to the lovely people at Sweet Cherry Publishing, I now have a series of chapter books to my name

brilliantly illustrated by Esther Hernando!

Watch out for more Maggie Sparks books coming soon!


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